Windows 10 upgrade notices become more aggressive, no opt-out

POSTED form ZDnet Are you running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and not feeling the love for Windows 10? It seems Microsoft is making it harder for users to opt out of upgrading. By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for Hardware 2.0 | October 15, 2015 — 10:42 GMT (03:42 PDT) | Topic: Windows 10 Reports are circulating […]

Flash Player Emergency Patch 10/19/2015

IT News Daily
October 19, 2015

Adobe released a patch for a critical vulnerability in Flash Player in response to high-profile cyberespionage attacks against governmental targets. Learn More

One Password to Rule Them All

Tech Tip – J.D. Biersdorfer

Q. For me, one hindrance to using social media and trying new things online is having to remember the various usernames and passwords. Do you have any advice on simplifying or codifying this process?

A. Paper or digital notebooks for recording account information are an inexpensive option, but they are not very secure. Using a dedicated password manager program is another solution. Such an app can take time to learn, but it can help create, organize and secure a growing collection of online credentials.

Most password managers work the same way: You create a master password for the program and then add the usernames and passwords for your various accounts to its database. During the setup process, some password programs can automatically help you find and add all your login information to their encrypted databases. More…

12 Apps You’ll See at the Office More in 2016 – Todd McKinnon, CEO and Co-founder, Okta

The apps and services available to businesses today feel almost endless. From collaboration and project management to recruiting and email management, there are numerous cloud apps to choose from in almost every category. We have some unique insight into these choices at Okta, as organizations use our service to securely connect their people to technology.

We recently looked at our data–compiled from thousands of organizations and applications, and millions of daily logins–to highlight the fastest-growing apps in our network from 2015. Some you’ll recognize, others you might not, but all offer valuable tools for your business, which is why we think you’ll see these apps even more in 2016. More…

IMPORTANT: Windows 10 Will Only Work on Newest PCs, says Microsoft – Brooke Crothers

Microsoft just dropped a bombshell. Older versions of Windows will not be supported on the newest chips from Intel and others.

The crux of a statement from Terry Myerson, executive vice president at Microsoft, is that new processors won’t run older versions of Windows reliably – and won’t be supported. “Going forward, as new silicon generations are introduced, they will require the latest Windows platform at that time for support,” Myerson wrote, in a blog post addressed to “enterprise customers,” aka, businesses.

So, in the future, don’t expect to be able to run Windows 7, for example, on the newest 6th Generation Intel Core “Skylake” processors that are shipping in systems today. Maybe more importantly, future processors will be supported on Windows 10 only. Some of those future chips include Intel’s upcoming “Kaby Lake” silicon, Qualcomm’s upcoming “8996” chip, and AMD’s upcoming “Bristol Ridge” processor, Myerson wrote.  More…